Toxic Personalities- How to Avoid Them!

discouragedI always strive to do my best, to keep learning and improving. In my life journey I have at times run into some folks who unfortunately try to keep me thinking positive thoughts! Never let anyone stop you from seeking to fulfill your dreams and reaching your goals-avoid toxic people! Here are five personality types that I try to keep away from…far, far away!

The Complainers- These people are the ” whiners “. This is bad, or that is awful, so many things in their lives are horrible. Listen to them and their negativism can be adictive. Avoid them like the plague!

The Entitled- I have got the world coming to me and I do not have to work for it- I deserve it. What a crock! But can you believe these people are really around us- the something for nothing crowd. Put them in their own arena and let me keep knowing that nothing is free in this world- We have to work for what we want!

The conformers- Ho hum. Same routine every day. Their limits are set. Fall in line, do not chase any dreams, and never do anything to try and change the status quo. Listen to them and you will end up as the same grayed out personalities as they are.

The Party Animals- Party! Party! let’s go out every night and have fun! fun! fun! Oh, these folks can have a good time but they can also distract you from reaching your goals. If your life is nothing but making party time a priority you will lose focus, and like them eventually crash when the party comes to an end.

The Doubters- No, you can’t do it. It won’t work. It’s not a good idea, and on and on. Identify these folks as quickly as you can and don’t let them discourage you! It seems they somehow enjoy dampening your spirits and can make you lose motivation.

The moral of this article is to surround yourself with people who will genuinely support and encourage you to chase your dreams, through good times and bad. So, avoid the negative people and stick with people who will continue to lift your spirits!

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