New GOP Health Insurance Plan Leaves America Questions with No Answers

The secret health bill has finally been released to the public. Republicans have promised to repeal the Affordable Care Act for the past seven years have finally taken a step to accomplish that. But the current question is will the new 142 page bill be approved. Will we see the promised overhaul of the current system? With four conservative GOP senators standing opposed to it’s passage it is currently a question with no answers. With Democrats soundly opposed,  if Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson, and Mike Lee don’t change their positions the bill will not pass. Also questionable in their support are Sens. Dean Heller and Susan Collins. Worrying them and others are the deep cuts to Medicaid and the end to Obamacare’s mandate that most Americans must have coverage or face penalties.

Now, as a Health Insurance Broker concerned with the welfare of my clients the only stand on this issue, and my message to the senate is ” FOR GOD’S SAKE…DO SOMETHING!” With open enrollment periods coming up quickly for both Medicare and Individual enrollments I feel like we are still lost in the woods as political warfare threatens to leave us stalemated. What then? It is obvious the current system is badly in need of repair to be functional. I know time is short and we must pray the rough seas that we are in can settle down through some intelligent negotiations by those in power, or we are doomed to fail to get the health care we deserve and need.

– Lou Reinitz  LJR Health Care Solutions


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