These Things Worry Me

If the Republicans are able to replace the ACA, commonly known as Obamacare with the AHCA, which at this point would be a “surprise”, there are a lot of benefits in the current plan that could be threatened:

OUTPATIENT CARE- Individual states would have the option of covering or NOT.

EMERGENCY CARE- Optional again

IN HOSPITAL CARE- I can’t believe this would be left to state’s discretion.


MENTAL HEALTH AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE- With Opioid addiction running rampant this would be a disaster in my opinion. Please pass the pill box. 

PRESCRIPTION DRUGS- How the drug companies would love this!

REHABILATIVE AD HABILATIVE CARE- Seriously? I know this is for Individuals under age 65 but I just had spinal surgery and without this type of care I would not be close to the recovery I am experiencing.

LAB TESTS- Including xrays, MRIs, Pet Scans, etc. A critical component of care could be taken away. How can low income citizens afford to pay for these services?

PREVENTATIVE- No flu shots, and MORE? I guess we will give disease the chance to decimate our young adults and children thus affecting our future as a nation.

PEDIATRIC DENTAL AND VISION- Sorry kids, You won’t be getting any assistance to see the class blackboard or take care of that cavity OUCH!!!

I am worried for my clients… and all Americans..if these benefits are LOST. I don’t care whether we change the current program or replace it DON’T TAKE THESE BENEFITS AWAY FROM US! We are the mightiest nation ever to be on earth, let’s not find ourselves running behind what other countries provide their citizens.

 – Lou Reinitz  LJR Health Care Solutions


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