How to Understand the New Medicare Cards, and what to avoid!

First understand the new Medicare Beneficiary Identifier and how it is compiled, so that you will know it is a real card and not some scam.  And remember there is absolutely no cost for the replacement you will receive this year and the early part of 2019. So if someone calls and wants money for it….,my advice is hang up the phone as quickly as possible!

The new MBI is a combination of uppercase letters and numbers, so be aware of how it is constructed:

  • The MBI has 11 characters
  • Positions 2,5,8, and 9 will always be alphabetic
  • Example: 4A44A44AC33
  • All letters are UPPERCASE
  • To reduce confusion the MBI will never include the letters S,L,O,I,B, or Z which  can be read erroneously as numbers.

You want need to contact the carriers as there will be no impact to enrollment or claims processing.

Lou Reinitz    LJR Health Care Solutions





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