Why You Should Vote NO on Single Payer health care. (Part 1)

Coming up for a vote in California this November is SB562, the so-called Healthy California health care bill. With so many terms thrown around and used interchangeably these days I thought I would start this presentation with a brief glossary of the terms being used to help you understand what is being proposed.

SINGLE PAYER- is a state run system to be paid for through more taxation, that presumably would cover all health care costs for residents regardless of income, occupation, or health status. This act would eliminate an individual’s option to buy or not buy coverage from private insurers. There would be no more Medicare, MediCal, Veteran’s health care, and on and on. We truly believe this is a bad idea, and the reasons way will be covered in the next part of our series.

UNIVERSAL ACCESS TO HEALTHCARE is a catchall phrase for a program that is run by the government but allows the option of getting coverage through a private insurance company.

UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE- Refers to providing every citizen through a national public insurance program, like Canada’s.

It is important to understand these terms as health care in our country is going through significant transition.

Please look for part 2 of the story on Thursday!


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