Radiated, but Should I have Been?

Some 15 years ago I went through over 30 sessions of radiation therapy after being diagnosed with Prostate cancer. Although I was able to avoid surgery (lots of men did not) the treatment did have it’s deleterious affects as well as I suppose efficacy. I never had a recurrence although other problems did occur that are with me today.

The procedure was undertaken as a result of a bad PSA test. Today, the accuracy of this lab test is widely debated. It has been labeled as notoriously imprecise therefore making treatments for this malady in many cases totally unneccesary. Thanks a lot, that infomation is a little late for me.

Today, a new test called IsoPSA has been hailed by medical studies as much more on the diagnostic nose. thus reducing biopsies up to 45%.

The new test is being developed by Cleveland Diagnostic and it is a new way to measure the PSA-protein levels in the blood and determine whether they are Cancer related.

Prostate Cancer deaths average about 30,000 annually in the United States, however most males with the malady die with this condition isolated as this is a very slow moving Cancer and it takes many years for it to spread. FDA approval is still needed for the new exam. Currently, the latest guidelines from U.S. Preventative Services Task Force answer the question whether men should get screened with a resounding “maybe”, and recommend no testing by men over age 70. Where were you when I needed you?


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