It Never Goes Away

Many people were deeply moved by the recent suicide of Kate Spade. I was one of them. We lost a son to suicide. It devastated our family, and the sad part is the pain, although not as sharp as when it happens, is always there. It never goes away. Oh, you don’t speak of it on a daily basis, but when you hear about it happening today it creeps back into your conscience. Oh, what might have been if there wasn’t a permanent fix to what was a temporary problem. Our son was only 26. A real tragedy.

I saw today on TV that the suicide rate in the United States has gone up an astounding 25% since the late 90’s. That is shocking, unreasonable, and somebody in the mental health field should be looking for answers to this growing problem in our society.

Good lives wasted can never be brought back. Pain instilled through a loved ones ghastly action never ceases. Suicide in itself is horrible, but that it continues to last is worse.




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