My hat goes off to the folks at Medicare for their excellent efforts in cutting the red tape that interferes so much with the doctor-patient relationship. Congrats to CMS for their two years of concerted effort on reducing excess government regulations & unnecessary paperwork, that takes so much time and effort away from those who are medically caring for us. Not to mention the savings to providers estimated at $5.7 billion  along with 40 million  in reduced hours of effort that  means more time for patients, and as a bonus better health for us.

All this, due to the President’s ” Cut-the-Red-Tape” initiative. Medicare responded by eliminating much of the outdated, duplicative, and overly burdensome regulations as they related in a recent announcement.

Health care today gets kicked around a lot due to increasing medical and drug costs, and this  year effort helps to ease the pain. Of course there is still much more to be done to keep simplifying and improving antiquated policies.

In the future we should enjoy a better quality of care from physicians and clinicians.

-Lou Reinitz  LJR Insurance Solutions    medmanlou1112@gmail.com


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