As an active senior citizen I’m concerned about my health. Physically, I’m slower than I used to be, but stilling doing ok.

Mentally, I am very sharp. Being a full-time health insurance broker keeps me on my toes. Solving problems, passing required exams to maintain my licenses, and working with clients face to face helps keep me that way.

Still, I wondered about those ” brain supplements ” that are being pushed to improve cognitive powers. Could they really improve my thinking and speed up the connections in my cerebral cortex? I thought, well…maybe..why not give them a try.

Until I read the report from a group of neurologists, nutritionists, and researchers who found those supplements to boost memory and cognition weren’t worth the plastic they’re bottled in. There are six different products on the marketplace designed for folks age 50 and above that over 93 million dollars monthly is being spent on. The experts advice is to flush them down the toilet and save those hard earned dollars.

So, from fish oil to Jellyfish- forget ’em!

Oh….I already have, but memory wise I haven’t forgotten much else. Ronald Petersen, the director of the Mayo Clinic Alzheimers research department stresses the lack of documentation and scientific research to back up the manufacturer’s claims for these so-called brain-boosters.


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