What is an ANOC?

Is it some fire breathing mythical creature that attacks and consumes anything it comes in contact with? Or is it some abbreviation for a new law just put into effect? The American New Order of Cornflakes? Maybe a fraternal organization? The Association of Nimble Organists for Chopin? What in the world could it be and how important is it?


Especially if you are enrolled in a Medicare health insurance plan! You should pay close attention to the ANNUAL NOTICE OF CHANGE issued yearly by your health plan enumerating the changes in what your costs and coverage will be starting January 1st if you remain in the plan. Plans change every year! The only constant is CHANGE!

As an experienced health insurance broker it is a reminder that Medicare Advantage and drug plans must be reviewed on an annual basis. If you don’t take the time to review your ANOC when it comes you have on-one to blame but yourself if new costs eat up your medical and drug budget. It is a time to check, and then double check again, and then to contact your agent to see if a new plan could give you more desirable coverage. During the first two weeks of October I spend most of my time going over new information from carriers and clients to get them to best fit for their needs, and never with any charge for this important service. – Lou Reinitz LJR Insurance Solutions LLC

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