Let’s Just Remember! Trivia Fun

OK Television fans, Seniors and young folks…What do you recall about 1970’s television? Here’s a short quiz just for you. The answers will be published tomorrow. Good luck!

  1. Which show featured two young women who shared an apartment and worked in a bottling factory?

A) Laverne and Shirley B) Joanie Loves Chachi c) Two Broke Girls

2. Which show featured the characters Jack, Janet, & Christy?

A) Charlie’s Angels B) The Partridge Family C) Three’s Company

3. What was Grandpa’s first name on The Waltons

A) Zeke B) Zeb C) Zak

4. Nellie Olsen was one of the prime antagonists on which show?

A) LittleHouse on the Prarie B) Highway to Heaven C) The Waltons

5. Which show featured a character whose closest companion was a grizzly bear?

A) Wild Kingdom B) B. J. and the Bear C) Grizzly Adams

6. Darren McGavin portrayed a reporter who investigated crimes of a supernatural nature in which T.V. show?

A) Kolchak: The Night Stalker B) Night Gallery C) Dark Shadows

7. In which show did Angie Dickinson portray Sgt. Pepper Anderson?

A) Baretta B) Police Woman C) Get Christie Love!

8. Which show featured Dan Rowan and Dick Marten and a cast of comedians?

A) Laugh-In B) Laugh-Off C) Saturday Night Live

9) Which show featured characters Pete, Linc, and Julie avoiding jail by helping police catch the bad guys?

A) The A Team B) The Mod Squad C) Police Squad

10) Which show followed the on-duty action and off-duty friendships of three brand new police officers on the Santa Costa Police Force?

A) Police Story B) Charlie’s Angels C) The Rookies

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