Shocker! Uninsured rate jumps!

This is not good news. Especially with all the debate regarding how many of us cannot get, or cannot afford health insurance coverage.

For the first time since the census bureau reported an increase for those without health insurance back in 2009 (before Obama’s presidency) the number of Americans without health insurance jumped by two million since 2017 according to a report just released. The current uninsured rate is now at an alarming 8.5%. The number of children without coverage also increased since 2017, and now over 4.3 million children are not covered.

The increase according to the census bureau was driven by a drop in the number of people who were not able to get coverage by programs like Medicaid, but this is a problem that needs solutions as we are already concerned about the declining rate of longevity of our population.

All the politicians are ” playing politics ” with healthcare as we approach a new presidential election next year. My concern is not to get involved in this part of the discussion, but to see something done to correct what is happening in our society. The American people have some very important decisions ahead to get us back on the right track, no matter who is running the train in Washington.

We should all be concerned as this affects the future health and well-being of our country. It is one of the most important issues facing us today.

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