Medical News can Cause Depression

If you want to keep your sanity it’s probably a good idea to turn off your television news, throw away the newspapers, and burn the computer.

Of course, I know you can’t do anything of those things. In reality, you must keep informed! It is our duty to keep up with all the developments that fly at us in an unrelenting manner today.

That means it is more important than ever to nave an experienced health insurance broker to help guide you through this morass of confusing and oft times redundant deluge of information. Someone who is available to you not just on a phone call, or on the internet, but surprise! There all year for you when you have questions or a problem. Give us a call anytime, and avoid the psychiatrist’s sofa.

Lou Reinitz LJR Insurance Solutions 760 699-1359

Celebrating a decade of serving clients in five states with their health insurance needs, and never at any extra cost to you.

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