Medicare is Better Than Ever! (But are You Getting Tired of all the ADVERTISING?)

Enough is enough! I am a full-time health insurance broker who is really getting blown away by all the constant noise being put out these days by the deluge of ads for Medicare insurance! I KEEP GETTING THE SAME JUNK MAIL flooding my mail box. The constant TELEVISION BARRAGE with ads repeating over and over again. And worse the UPSTOPPABLE phone calls, especially during the open enrollment period. OK=Enough already! Yes, I advertise but please…not like these over-the-top messages spouted out by old retired football players who you know are just leading you into unknown sometimes murky waters where hidden dangers can lurk as telemarketers can mess with your healthcare, If you sign up chances are you might just get assigned to a broker who is not familiar with your doctors and prescription drug needs. Does it hurt to find out you have been put into the wrong plan and can’t get your personal care physician? OUCH! And you probably won’t be able to reach that person again if you have a question or a problem. I pride myself on a personal relationship with my clients and doing my best to make sure they have the right plan in place. That is why most of my business is from referrals from happy clients. I am available to answer questions and take care of their needs anytime. This is not a static profession. Things are in a state of constant change. It is also my responsibility to stay knowledgeable. No, I am not perfect, I am just human. But you are number one and I will always treat you that way! -Lou Reinitz LJR insurance Solutions

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