While congress continues to promise legislation, prices keep going up.

So, what is the biggest complaint I keep hearing as a Health Insurance broker? ” WHY ARE MY MEDICATIONS SO EXPENSIVE?!!!??

Well, that is an easy question to answer- Sadly, Americans pay the highest drug prices in the world and those costs keep skyrocketing. It is only February and already the prices on 500 medications have risen. Yep, the uncontrolled drug companies keep finding ways to make us pay more and more.

Sitting in the Senate is a bipartisan proposal that was passed a while ago in the House. How can we get Congress to take some action now to get this important bill passed and get some relief for all Americans?

It is time to get this done. Otherwise, our budgets will continue to be strained by the oft times outrageous prices we are now paying. We cannot allow these costs to us continue to accelerate while big pharma continues to get richer and richer.

  • Lou Reinitz LJR Insurance Solutions

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