Are you full up of get-up-and-go when a new day starts? Or are you dragging, listless, often times gloomy when facing a new day?

We care about your good health here at LJR! Did you know that your energy levels are determined by a combination of many different factors including emotional. mental, and spiritual. To get the most out of life it is important for you to maximize each component to live a healthier, more energetic, and happier life. So, we have compiled a few tips for you that could achieve those goals!

BREATHE DEEP- Let that oxygen pour into your mind and body! Taking shallow breaths just doesn’t get the job done. Make it a point when arising to take lots of slow deep breaths to start your brain and physical being start it’s engines!

WALK- A morning stroll (barefoot if you can) will get you moving in a positive way. You don’t have a be a fast runner, just a easy amount of exercise is good for all of us!

BE GRATEFUL- What ever your belief it is a great idea to PRAY or MEDITATE! It doesn’t matter if times are good or maybe even tough, be happy we are alive and able to contribute to our society!

SLEEP- That’s right. Relaxing, deep rest for our whole system is one of the best rejuvenating things we can do! We all need this to restore our minds and tired bodies.

EAT GOOD HEALTHY FOOD- Proper nourishment is very important to living a long, happy and healthy life. If you can stay organic in your choices that is even better!

Finally- HAVE FUN! Be creative no matter what you do, and finally LAUGH! They weren’t kidding when they said laughter is the best medicine.

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