So where did these enemies of mankind originate from? Did they just drop out of the sky one day to make us ill? Did they come out of a lab?

The answer to these questions is that they may have evolved from PLASMIDS which are pieces of DNA that can move between the cells of life, both animal and vegetable. DNA (and RNA) which makes up the cells of our bodies are long molecules that carry genetic information. They are covered with a protein coat that protects the genes. But in some viruses whey are surrounded by an envelope of fat around the protein. This combination when used combined with certain receptors can invade our bodies and begin a host cell. These are extremely small, and are measured in nanometers. Depending on the virus, it would take anywhere from 33,000 to half a million to be as little as a centimeter in length which is less than 40% of an inch. Tiny but can be deadly.

Wednesday: PART THREE- How are these nasties spread and how to win the fight against them.

  • Lou Reinitz LJR Insurance Solutions LLC

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