Viruses are not sexy- that is to say sexual reproduction is not their thing. No babies with this bunch of would-be killers. Rather, they replicate themselves with the host cell in your body that they are attached to. First, they take off that coat of fat found on most, then they steal enzymes to enable them to set up the process of taking over ” the territory ” . How fast can they replicate? Don’t look twice friends, after infecting you they take up “body surfing” by moving from healthy cell to healthy cell, somehow bypassing cells they already have control of. Of course,. when you cough or sneeze some of that matter is ejecting and starts looking for a new host, or another unknowing victim. Soon, you are miserable as vital cellular structure that affects your body functions have been taken over, while more and more people are geometrically under it’s control. That is, the infections can keep doubling in number until stopped.

Other ways that a virus latches on through DNA or RNA, is through contamination of food or water, skin to skin contact, through the faecal-oral route, through body fluids, and even blood-sucking insects.

While the current Corona threat may not be a disastrous as the Black Plague, it is a dangerous threat to humanity, especially to those with compromised immune systems and the elderly. It is scary to note that these self-replicating, mutating demons are impervious to Antibiotics. For the time being Vaccines can produce life-long immunity. The only current problem is we do not have one currently to stop Covid-19, and it will take some time to develop a safe one that can be released.


  • Lou Reinitz LJR Insurance Solutions LLC

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