From Justian to Corona, Viruses attack

While the Corona virus remains a world-wide threat to mankind a brief look at the past and the death and destruction they have reaped is a good reminder of why we should do all in our power to contain them.

In 541-542 BCE the Plague of Justinian is thought to have killed about half the population of Europe, This was followed by the Antonine plague of 165 AD that affected Asia Minor, Egypt, Greece, and Italty. It is thought to have been caused by Smallpox or Measles.

Through the centuries Cholera has killed millions. Rats brought the Black Death (Bubonic Plague) that ravished the world began in Asia and then infected Europe and Africa with a death toll of up to 200 million.

Despite our living in these contemporary times with improved medical advances, vaccines, better hygiene in most areas viruses of all types continue to make us sick. In 1918 the Flu pandemic killed as many as 50 million. While we are told that influenza attacks mostly the young and weak, the old and compromised in this so called ” Spanish Flu” found it’s victims among completely healthy young adults, and that is a good warning to humanity.

Since then we have experienced HIV/Aids which by it’speak in 2012 took 36 million lives, the flu pandemic of 1968 that took over a million, and now Covid-19 that is running rampant.

WHY AM I ENUMERATING THIS GRISLY HISTORY? Because we need to never forget how many lives these mutating creatures from hell can take- old and young, sick and well. THEY HAVE DONE IT THROUGH THE CENTURIES AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE A THREAT AFTER CORONA HAS PEAKED.

And one more thing. The rising death total doesn’t start with millions, it begins with ONE, and geometrically grows from there. ONE BECOMES HUNDREDS, AND HUNDREDS CAN SOON BECOME MILLIONS THROUGHOUT THE GLOBE. In Italy, the death toll is well above 1000 souls, and keeps growing larger despite all efforts to keep it controlled. THE SAME THING CAN HAPPEN HERE. At the current time, with lack of testing, WE DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW MANY IN OUR COUNTRY ARE CARRYING THE SEEDS OF DISASTER.

  • Louis Reinitz- LJR Insurance Solutions

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