Editors note: Many thanks to Jennifer Tran , a managed care pharmacist with Good RX for this insightful information from their website.

Today I visited the Good RX website (I recommend this website to many of my clients) and read carefully through some important information on medications that could effectively treat Covid-19.

Much has been said about two medications- Plaquenil and Chloroquine recently as possible hopes that they might work against this virus. These drugs have been used since 1949 and 1955 against Malaria, an infection caused by a parasite, and also against rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. But there is no proof nor has there been definitive testing of their efficacy against this current threat to the world’s health.

The FDA has not approved their use for the prevention or treatment of Coronavirus. Recent clinical studies have noted their ineffectiveness or lack of thorough clinical trials. They also have considerable warnings about the side effects of these drugs such as irreversible visual changes, heart rhythm abnormalities, muscle weakness and nerve pain, and more. A glimmer of hope was found in Petri dish testing in a lab setting that indicated these drugs had some possible effect against other virus strains. Now, the demand for these medications is high and that will probably drive up costs as well.

Other drugs are being tested as well, but until a virus if developed and found to be safe Covid-19 could continue to plague humanity in future waves to come.

Good RX is offering online Coronavirus screening (not testing) and triage at no cost to consumers. I would urge you to visit their site for more information.

  • Lou Reinitz LJR Insurance Solutions LLC

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