The staggering effects of human isolation

OK. I can understand quarantining and the social distancing we are practicing at the moment to best the Coronavirus. But will this change human behavior forever?

We are naturally social creatures with the instinct to gather in groups. Shaking hands, sharing hugs have always been our basic methods of connection. So what happens when we are deprived of the human touch?

Psychologist Dacher Kelner says “…the waysin which we connect and trust and collaborate are founded in touch.” He continues to state that people can be impacted psychologically and even physically when we are deprived of that sense.

Our skins have billions of cells processing information about touch. Touching can even strengthen our immune systems and reduce stress according to science.

So, will we go back to the currently verboten handshake? Will social distancing become the norm? Americans are currently split right down the middle of this issue. How do you feel about it> Please let me knowing by emailing me a short response to

  • Lou Reinitz LJR Insurance Solutions LLC

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