In the Fall of 2019 new Medicare Advantage plans were made available to the public. Most had an important new benefit included at $0 cost- Telehealth. Why take a trip to Urgent care or to a physician’s office when for most minor medical problems you could speak to a doctor online or by phone who could even send a prescription to your local pharmacy?

Now that benefit is being threatened by the fraudsters who crawl out from under the rocks when a new opportunity for making a buck presents itself. The spread of COVID-19 gave that chance to the lawless when CMS (Medicare) was forced to lift some of the important guardrails that protected us.

There are unfortunately unethical providers waiting in the bushes for your call for help. Some rip off Medicare. Recently, the Justice Department charged 35 individuals who stole over 2 billion in falsified claims, and there are many more crooks out there today.

Others unscrupulously offer bogus genetic testing, prescribing unnecessary pain medications and creams, or whatever these charlatans can do to deceive the public. Can you believe a roomful of telemarketers all making calls to rope in the innocent looking for help.

That Telehealth, available to us from honest and reliable sources at usually no cost can be damaged by this slime of humanity is an outrage. They should be punished for their crimes to the full extent of the law!

  • Lou Reinitz, President LJR Insurance Solutions LLC

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