Reasons You Might Not Want to Wear A Mask

With COVID-19 still raging around the country we are advised to protect ourselves by wearing a mask and continue practicing social distancing. Yet, according to clinical psychologist Steven Taylor in his book “The Psychology of Pandemics” we find that some people resist the wearing of a face mask.

If you are one of these people then you might just have a reason not to. These include your reluctance to forced conformity, that they can be physically uncomfortable and can also fog up your glasses, and that wearing one can make you look weak. Sometimes the signals we get from our leaders can also be confusing as to what to do. We seem to get a lot of mixed messages on PPE. We see signs saying wearing them is compulsory and then see others going without them.

Look, I know you value your freedoms just like I do but realize we are living in uncertain times. When you consider that we are very early in suffering this disease and that history has taught us that when we stop doing the right things too soon we can pay a terrible price. Pandemics tend to attack in waves, and the second and possibly additional waves can be far worse than the initial one. You can do what you want of course, but as for me I do not go out into any place where it would be possible to get infected without wearing my mask and gloves. Call me too prudent but as a senior with some health problems it is more important to me to conform. At least for now.

  • Lou Reinitz LJR Insurance Solutions LLC

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