If you, or someone you know has lost their health insurance due to unemployment, in most cases because of COVID-19, it is really important to find other ways to get coverage. The Kaiser Foundation has estimated that a hospital stay for the uninsured for any significant illness can cost you between $10,000 & $20,000 out of pocket today.

So, what answers can you look for? COBRA is one, but it is expensive as the premiums would be what your employer has paid plus an additional 2%.

If you are on Medicare you would qualify for a special enrollment period that would extend for 30-60 days after your job loss. LJR Insurance Solutions can answer any questions you might have and explain what coverage would be available to you by calling us at 760 699-1359.

We are also Certified Covered California brokers so if you are under age 65 we can assist you as well in obtaining good insurance.

What you can do if you have lost your health insurance

Other answers are you can be added to a spouse’s insurance if that is practical, or you can check to see if you are qualified to be a Medi-Cal recipient. Those earning less than 133% of the Federal Poverty Level can qualify, and others can benefit as well. There is also a low income subsidy available for drug coverage. Please call me for details.

Finally, there is Telemedicine. You can speak to a doctor online or on the phone to check symptoms. They also can prescribe. This can eliminate many trips to urgent care. Of course, it is not a perfect answer to being insured in a new plan. Many Medicare Advantage plans today do also have this benefit included along with other benefits.

  • Lou Reinitz, President LJR Insurance Solutions LLC

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