OK, I admit it. I often have a tough time going to sleep and then waking up early. When this happens I know I am not functioning at the level I need to be at. Science tells us we need seven to nine hours of deep sleep a night. So, how much sleep are you getting? If you suffer from insomnia be aware it’s effects can be deleterious to your health causing such negatives as anxiety, obesity, diabetes, and even depression. Currently, with all the serious problems we are experiencing ranging from racism to unemployment and much more only about 35% of Americans are getting enough shuteye. The keyword here according to government reports is STRESS which can lead to heart problems and more as well. Yep, when your circadian rhythms are abnormal it can lead to a host of problems. I am fortunate that although I am deeply involved daily as a health insurance broker (which can be stressful) my heart is good (thank God), my blood pressure is low (usually), I do not have any of the chronic diseases we fear but I do need some days to take a short nap to restore my energy. In my 80s I am indeed blessed. I can only hope your sleep patterns are healthful. If not, it’s important to check with your family physician to see if there are some (non-pharmaceutical, hopefully) solutions so you can keep yourself in tip-top condition. OK, please pardon me now…I am going to take a nap! See you in an hour. (yawnnnnnnn……….. ZZZZZZZZZ)

  • Lou Reinitz LJR Insurance Solutions LLC

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