A very personal message

Today, I turned down an opportunity from a major national carrier to work at a drug store to find perspective enrollees for their Medicare plan. I would have been at the store three times a week, sitting at a table replete with the company’s information and my business cards. Mind you, this is a great retail location with lots of traffic, great management, and an insurance carrier who offers great products with many extra benefits. I know I would have made multiple contacts with interested individuals, a good percentage of whom would have become my clients. Last year I worked at this location and had much success. Still, as excited as I was about the appointment I know I did the right thing in not taking advantage of it at this time. You see, my wife has a heart condition and a valve replacement and with the Corona virus still running out of control throughout the nation there were no doubts in my mind I was using good common sense. Here in the Coachella Valley the Eisenhower Hospital’s ICU unit is at or near capacity due to COVID-19, the death rate continues to rise, and still there are those who resist wearing protection which blows me away. If I had decided to cover my retail post during this perilous time and then brought home disease to my wife that could have caused serious problems for her, I never would have been able to forgive myself. So, I will continue to work from my office in Palm Desert, helping beneficiaries six days a week, albeit virtually. Better to do less business and stay safe, especially with our medical conditions and being in our 80s. To do otherwise would be foolish indeed.


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