Day after day on TV channels that are watched by many senior citizens we find the old quarterback Joe Namath pitching the so called “Medicare” help line. The “pitch” implies that beneficiaries can obtain all kinds of FREE benefits and to call for all the FREE information.. Now, in his day he was a great quarterback but this presentation calls for a 15 yard penalty for misleading information. First, this TV ad has nothing to do with a Medicare sponsored presentation. Furthermore, nothing is FREE. There are good benefits, many with $0 premium for plans, however we support the Medicare system with a monthly payment of $144.60 minimum currently, paid through Social Security for part B coverage. When you call the number Joe calls the signal for, you will be connected to a national “call center” who will then sell your lead to a broker. That individual may not be familiar with the resources in your area. Some great local lines may not be available to them either.

So, you should be dealing with a LOCAL independent licensed broker (like LJR Insurance Solutions) because we know the physians, specialists, hospitals, and all the ins and outs of all the plans we are certified with. As fiduciaries, our job is to do the very best for you and we suggest the plans that fit your need for not a penny extra ever.

And who do you call when you have a question or a problem? Broadway Joe? An agent who you really don’t know? If they put you in a plan that your doctor doesn’t take, what do you do then…punt?

My opinion is that they are doing a major disservice to Medicare beneficiaries by this type of advertising. We really are there to help, so score a touchdown every time by using a qualified local agency!

  • Lou Reinitz LJR Insurance Solutions LLC

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