Does the India Infection Surge Threaten the U.S.?

Will “Double Variant” cause “double trouble” in the U.S. a worry

India with a population of 1.3 billion is currently undergoing a second surge in COVID19 cases. Over 30,000 new cases daily have been reported. Hospitals are out of space and funeral pyres are burning in the streets. Maria Van Kerkhove, Tech Lead Officer at the World Health Organization has informed us that a new “double variant” identified as B.i.617 may be more virulent and has already been found in ten other countries including the U.S., and that could be worrisome. It’s still unknown whether this variant could present an “immune escape” meaning the antibodies created by previous infection or vaccine might not be as effective against it. We are already weary as a nation against the measures we have employed to fight the virus in our great nation including isolation and masking. To go back to these tactics might seem odorous, so let’s pray we don’t have to repeat them. should the Indian variant become a real threat to us. But we must stay prepared to do whatever necessary to protect our country from the worst case scenario.

  • Lou Reinitz LJR Insurance Solutions

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