Unsolicited Medicare Calls and Texts Plague Seniors

Scammers and identity thieves targeting seniors.

Everyday seniors are being targeted by scammers and identity thieves with messages like: “(person’s name), we need to go over your Medicare options today. Our team wants to help you with your choices.” Does CMS (Medicare) approve of unsolicited calls and text messages? Not that I have heard. For well over a decade I have followed the rules-no cold calls or contacts. Yet today we are not only bombarded by half-truth TV ads urging us to ” call now “. But these more insidious contact methods are appearing frequently on our cell phones. Listen to Medicare’s advice: “If you are hit, hang up..call Medicare (1-800-633-4227), don’t give your personal information. If you have…contact the Federal Trade Commission. ” Listen, I have built my business on truth, integrity, and customer service. It bothers the hell out of me to witness these abuses in our industry. Be careful and don’t be a victim.

  • Lou Reinitz LJR Insurance Solutions

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