Don’t Call Joe, Call Lou

Half Truths and Misrepresentations

We turn on the TV and throughout the day we are bombarded by Medicare ads. “Call today for the best deal on Medicare”, an old football player drones on and on with a combination of half-truths and head pounding oversell. But what is the truth? Can you really get a better deal by calling for “free information? The facts are when you call you will reach a national marketing center who will then sell your “lead” to an available broker who may not be familiar with the benefits and resources you need. His job is to sell you something. A local agent’s task is to consult with you to discover the plans that best fill your needs. Yes, those benefits that guy is shouting about (free vision, free dental, your part B returned, free chiro, free this, free that, free the kitchen sink) do exist but not all in ONE PLAN. What is falsely presented is a combination of the best benefits from ALL the Medicare plans rolled into one non-existent plan, This is a misrepresentation as some of these plans might not even be available in your area. So, can they save you money on a single plan? NO, because each plan is approved by Medicare and would be the same cost in premium and copays no matter who the agent is. CONCLUSION: Don’t call Joe, CALL LOU. You will get the services of an experienced and knowledgeable local broker and it will never cost you an extra penny for top quality service with no pressure. I act as a fiduciary to present the best choices to you and let you decide. No bull, no baloney. WE MAKE MEDICARE STRESS FREE.

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