Joan Shakes It Up!

Shake It Up Baby!

My beautiful wife Joan is the Ninja queen of our kitchen. Ever since she goes her super powerful Ninja blender she has been shaking up some of the healthiest and best tasting smoothies. ” I have to keep you healthy or you won’t be ready to rock and roll in the upcoming Annual Enrollment Period for Medicare “, she states as she fills the blender with vitamin loaded ingredients. No wonder she is the star of ” Joanie’s Cooking Corner ” that appears in our LJR Insurance Solutions Newsletter! Her latest is a delicious Pomegranate Smoothie and here is her recipe:


1 cu Vanilla low fat yogurt 1 cu Pomegranate juice 1 cu frozen Blueberries 2 T honey 1/2 cu ice

Put all ingredients in this order in the blender and blend on high until smooth. Fill in a chilled tall glass and enjoy!

-Lou Reinitz LJR Insurance Solutions

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