Higher taxes, more debt could result

The idea of Medicare for All continues to be floated out to Americans today. While we continue to fight the COVID19 virus and we haven’t seen this in recent headlines you can rest assured it will be proposed again. It is still a bad idea for healthcare and here are some of the reasons: If we eliminate private healthcare, or damage it rather than working on improving the current system that has covered over 180 million of us we could experience an estimated 32 trillion in higher taxes in the decade to come, while seeing a 100% increase in our already soaring national debt. Nothing is free and to pay for Medicare for all could produce large increases in payroll taxes, estimated at close to 5%. A government run system could force thousands off coverage they would rather have, estimated at 130,000 beneficiaries in the first year alone. Dealing with government agencies can be difficult and slow response times to medical needs with longer waiting periods for needed procedures. And citizens residing in rural areas who are already holding the short end of the stick could find themselves at greater risk of seeing even more hospital closures.

Medicare for All is still a bad idea, and not the answer to improving our healthcare.