Unsolicited Medicare Calls and Texts Plague Seniors

Scammers and identity thieves targeting seniors.

Everyday seniors are being targeted by scammers and identity thieves with messages like: “(person’s name), we need to go over your Medicare options today. Our team wants to help you with your choices.” Does CMS (Medicare) approve of unsolicited calls and text messages? Not that I have heard. For well over a decade I have followed the rules-no cold calls or contacts. Yet today we are not only bombarded by half-truth TV ads urging us to ” call now “. But these more insidious contact methods are appearing frequently on our cell phones. Listen to Medicare’s advice: “If you are hit, hang up..call Medicare (1-800-633-4227), don’t give your personal information. If you have…contact the Federal Trade Commission. ” Listen, I have built my business on truth, integrity, and customer service. It bothers the hell out of me to witness these abuses in our industry. Be careful and don’t be a victim.

  • Lou Reinitz LJR Insurance Solutions



Whenever you hear the word “free” it just might be a new scam! In this case the Scammers are offering “free” genetic tests and claiming that Medicare will cover the cost. In reality they are trying to commit fraud and identity theft. They are targeting seniors through telemarketing calls, at health fairs, and they might even be knocking on your front door!

Remember, only a physician that you know and trust can approve a request for genetic testing. If you fall for this scheme it could cost you thousands of dollars and big headaches as you will be responsible not only for the cost of the testing but for giving your protected personal information to a crook.

So, protect yourself by not sharing your Medicare or Social Security number, or other important personal information. Don’t accept a cheek swab or genetic testing kit sent to you in the mail. IF YOU SUSPECT MEDICARE FRAUD CALL 1-800-MEDICARE TO REPORT IT!