Single Payer Advocates try again to have the state take over healthcare, a bad idea

A group of Democratic lawmakers, led by State Assembly member Ash Kalra has recently proposed AB1400, also known as CalCare, that would provide a government monopoly on health care services in California. If passed, it would eliminate4 ALL private insurance including Medicare, Medi-Cal, Long-Term care, Covered California and more. Did I hear someone say “higher taxes” to try and pay for this questionable legislation? In addition to the monstrous cost, many consider this as an unworkable program. Expect to see intense opposition from health industry groups including insurers, doctors, nurses, and hospitals. In addition, Governor Newsome who already faces political pressure and a possible recall vote will feel more heat as the battle over this unwieldy proposal ensues. According to Ned Wigglesworth, a spokesman for the Californians against this costly “disruption of health care”, shifting to a single payer option would at this time be particularly harmful as we are still dealing with the harmful effects of the Pandemic. I totally agree and urge you to reject this proposal.

  • Lou Reinitz LJR Insurance Solutions