Thank you, Mr. McCONNELL

I am a licensed health insurance broker. Our company LJR Health Care Solutions is located here in the Coachella Valley in California where the current temperatures on a daily basis are 110-120 degrees. It’s like living inside of a microwave oven! It is so hot even the bugs are not moving. 

We are all in a sweaty mess, much like the health insurance marketplaces which appear to be stuck in the muck and political mire. The ACA is dying on the vine, while the newly proposed AHCA seems like a distant mirage.

It’s like we are lost in the middle of the Mojave digging ourselves deeper into the red hot desert sand, not knowing which direction to go while the unrelenting desert sun continues to broil our brains.

With the new open enrollment periods just around the corner it seems our plans have hit rock bottom. In a recent news release Covered California warned that if federal policies change we could face significant premium increases and potentially 340,000 would lose their coverage. Peter Lee, the head of our state marketplace stated that the damage could be even worse nationally. Not a pretty picture for the strongest nation on earth.

This uncertainty has put us into crisis mode, and it is apparent we must find solutions quickly or our health care system will sink into a bottomless pit, beyond saving. None of us, I am sure, want that.

Does anybody have any water?…HELP……OH! THANK YOU MR. McCONNELL!

(Note- Mitch McConnell said today GOP must work with Dems to shore up ACA)

– Lou Reinitz  LJR Health Care Solutions